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Nature Provides!🍯 🍌 Manuka & Tallow Balm

Nature Provides!🍯 🍌 Manuka & Tallow Balm

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The One Product I Never Intended On Selling…

What was originally made to help my girlfriends acne scars is now being used everyday by 100s of people for chronic issues like eczema, psoriasis, scars, or even wrinkles, spider veins, cuts, chapped lips, pimples, and I even use it instead of aftershave & neosoprin!


Apply on any skin issue— till it isn’t one 

<$0.19 a Day for Sensational Skin 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

3 Proven Natural Ingredients


1. 100% GrassFed Suet Tallow - From Greg with Painted Quarters Ranch in Florida


Traditional Soothing Skincare - Non Greasy

Tallow is the most similar fat to our body's natural oils (sebum) - which is why Sebum, is literally Latin for Tallow.

aka Less Is More!

+ Why that small jar can last you 1-4 months of daily use.

Suet is softer & extremely nutrient dense containing fat soluble vitamins A, E, D, K2, and antioxidants that has been used for millennia to nourish the skin.


2. Medicinal Manuka Honey MGO 263

 Traditional Healing 

  1. We have been using raw honey for everything from dry skin to fried skin to fatal wounds since it was sweet. 

Anti Bacterial & Wound Healing properties

Manuka contains Methylglyoxal (MGO) which gives it powerful antibacterial properties. Kills bacteria preventing infection, and can heal injuries faster.

Manuka has been used for centuries for almost every skin issue including acne, eczema, skin irritation, & even wounded warriors!

If it can close a gunshot wound it can probably make that mark over your left eyebrow a little less noticeable…

 Moisturizing & Antioxidant rich

Manuka is a natural humectant - it soaks up moisture. Keeping your skin healthy all day not just right after you use it.


3. Homemade Organic Banana Peel Extract

The Viral "Miracle Skin Cleaner" Banana Peel Trend

Natures Botox

Banana peels contain Antioxidants and antibacterial properties like Manuka Honey that people claim can cure acne scars and give an anti-aging effect.

 Which is why you may have seen videos of people rubbing banana peels all over their face to get rid of years of acne, dry skin & wrinkles.


4x4 Now this one is Special…

4 Organic Frankincense Resins 4+ Benefits

Heals Scars 

Anti Aging

Anti Inflammatory

Pain Relief

NO ESSENTIAL OILS  our Suet is Infused In-house with this powerful wiseman’s gift

Available for a limited time with no essential oils & with Lavender  

It also cuts down on tallows natural smell. We do not deoderize our Tallow, we get it straight from Greg, one of our local farmer partners, render it in-house without adding any harsh chemicals that I wouldn’t put on my own skin. Natural scent smells buttery, but it is tallow so it’s not going to smell like deodorized vegetable oil  


Shipping & Returns

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Care Instructions

Less is More!

Rub a little in your hands, then apply on any skin issue until it isn’t one.

keep in cool dark place

Separation is Natural. Stir if Manuka Honey Separates

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Tallow skin care

This is the only moisturizer that I use now. I went with a minimalist approach and threw out all other products after two weeks of sticking with the tallow moisturizer. I have no issues with breakouts and skin being red/ or dry anymore. It's truly healing, and the honey based one is even more healing for after shave or irritation.

Truly the most wonderful product!

This product feels so luxe, the texture is perfect and the scent is light and sweet! I love the way it leaves my skin and the sweetness it has thanks to the honey!! Thank you so much for making the best tallow yet!!


WOWZA — is how I feel every time I put this on my face. I have been struggling with extremely dry or oily skin on my face since as long as I can remember. I was in tears in October because I was so frustrated having tried everything I could think of from toxic things to the most natural and nontoxic products. I bought a tiny overpriced thing of whipped tallow online and thought to myself “this is it, this will solve my problems!” only a few weeks later my skin was back to its usual shenanigans. Casually talking to Zane, I asked about his newest creation and only bought it because I knew the benefits of Manuka honey for wounds and wanted to try this out on cuts for my children. Little did I know this would become my newest obsession and I would begin slathering it on cuts, dry skin, anything that I could but most importantly all over my face - every. single. day. I have been using this now for 4 months and can confidently say that THIS product is heaven sent. It has completely changed the texture of my skin from feeling rough and dry to feeling as smooth as my baby’s bottom. I thank the good Lord every single time I put this on (at least 3 times a day) for Zane getting curious, stepping out of his comfort zone and taking a chance on creating it. I don’t know what I would do without it and although I don’t want to write this review because I’m afraid others will find out about it, I also want others to experience it for themselves. This is where it’s at and you need to try it for yourself… or don’t that’s fine too ;)

5 Star!

Amazing, love this stuff has helped my acne scaring and only need a little tiny dollop!


I’m in absolute love with the results this has shown on my skin… seriously over the moon with how well this product has been working for my sensitive skin! Will be using this literally for the rest of my life.

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